Chris Burkett

chrisBurkett_BahrainPortrait2Chris has been an aviation enthusiast all his life, and first flew aerobatics in a de Havilland Chipmunk as an RAF cadet. The Chipmunk also gave him an introduction to display flying, ‘barnstorming’ as a member of Captain Neville’s Flying Circus.

For the last decade Chris has been flying high performance aerobatic types, winning several trophies in aerobatic competitions. His display flying has taken him to shows as far afield as Bahrain and China, performing for major sponsors such as DHL and Skoda Cars. When he isn’t flying a Twister you may see him flying the G-Force Extra alongside an identical 40% scale radio-controlled replica.

Joining the Twister Aerobatics Team as No.2 to Peter gives Chris the challenge and the thrill of flying close formation aerobatics just a few metres away from the lead aircraft. The Twister is a very efficient and responsive aeroplane which is a delight to fly. Its low drag and relatively low power make careful planning, good energy management and smooth flying very important for delivering a top quality Twister Aerobatics display.

Chris is also an aerodynamicist by profession; aside from planes he’s also involved in designing the wings on Formula One cars and the sails for record breaking racing yachts.

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