The Secret Garden Party and The Silverstone Classic

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by Peter Wells

After our first display at Sunderland which was early thanks to TSA to help us with other commitments, we were back down south to our base having refuelled at our northern surrogate home at  Fishburn.

Despite apparently having a lot of time to spare we were working hard and ready to go for the second display of the day with only enough time for a cup of tea.

Weather conditions were perfect and one of the most enjoyable pyro displays was completed over Status Quo playing live and we were back home for the night and team curry.

Up early the next day and back to Sunderland for our next day based out of Fishburn. Despite an ominous shower that looked like it would get us during the display our canopies remained dry throughout and all went well .

Back to Fishburn for a quick refuel planes and pilots and then back south for the 4th display of the weekend Secret Garden Party.

We knew conditions were deteriorating from the south so expected things to get difficult and were not disappointed. All the pre season training and team building served us well and we weaved around staying over low ground and just managed to get to our base for this display as it totally clagged in!

Chris and I thought we were wasting our time as cloudbase was way below our minima but we prepared aircraft in the rain and went to briefing with Mike Woods. On leaving briefing a virtual miracle happened and everything cleared just as we prepared to take off.

The clearance was very short lived but just enough to get Mark Jefferies in the Extra 330 and us fully displayed and back on the ground with full shows​

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