Throckmorton Air Show

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By Peter Wells

We were a late booking at Throckmorton due to a cancellation. I was keen to do the show as some of my family live locally and were going to be there. Sadly due to the huge turnout on the day and big queues to get in my family only arrived as we were taking off so I did not get to say hello in person.

This show has grown considerably since I last did it with massive crowds and a very impressive line up including the Vulcan. Although the weather was good the wind was very strong which prevented some acts from participating such as the BBMF and Great War Display Team .

For me the highlight was seeing John Romain displaying the Blenhiem as I have watched for many years as this project has progressed and I got to sit in it just prior to its first post restoration flight.

The thing which will always stay in my mind was the very short grass runways cut for the acts operating off the airfield. Seeing a supreme pilot such as Brendan O’Brien struggling with landing on really concentrated the mind. However, our landing was a non event. The take off used about 98% of the total length as there was a 90 deg very strong cross wind. Watching the others planes operate from the runway was almost as interesting as watching the displays!

Our display went well Chris is getting used to difficult conditions and at least it was not raining. We returned off slot after a great fun morning.

Many thanks to Samantha and Angus for inviting us, we will be glad to do it again.

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