Bahrain International Airshow

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by Peter Wells

After the problems of shipping to Al Ain Bahrain shipping was trouble free up to the point where I opened the container without customs present! After apologising profusely about 50 times things settled down .

The team for Bahrain in terms of pilots remained the same but our support crew were replaced by Karl Drage.
The team jelled well and in no time at all the planes were assembled and we were practicing. The only slight issue being me having the job of driving the team as my licence was used to hire car company.

Prior to the show starting we practiced and interacted with other participants and did some memorable photo shoots over the F1 track and the Durat ( Fish Island) with the amazing Mark Jefferies as photo ship.

Karl was offered the chance of a lifetime to photograph a 757 in formation with two Walter Extra aircraft the DHL team he achieved spectacular results and deserves all the praise he received as he endured Mark Jefferies precision flying most of his results were achieved whilst hanging in his straps upside-down.

We were delighted to find that the Huawei representatives were as lovely as the ones in Al Ain nothing was too much trouble and we were always fantastically looked after.

Just prior to the first show day all the teams had a Go Cart race to let off steam I think I qualified almost last and as our qualifying place was inverted for the start of the race I was in almost pole position with Danielle of the Breitling Wingwalkers . Some people seemed to have missed the bit at briefing about it being a non-contact sport but everyone survived miraculously.

First show day we displayed in the morning to the public area and in the afternoon to the VIP and trade area and we finished the day doing a pyro show. By the time we had attended briefing prepared planes and attended the Huawei stand we were all busy but by this time the team was working like a well-oiled machine. The highlight of day one was using an Emirates A380 as a datum for the display so as we went inverted over the quarter -clovers I looked down into the illuminated cockpit as the crew prepared to depart as we finished.

Day 2 morning display was in bad visibility but went well but then display schedule was disrupted by Royal Flights and in the interest of fairness acts with multiple appearances were removed from afternoon display. This resulted in us having an afternoon of checking out the amazing show for ourselves. So as well as attending Huawei stands we got to fly Eurofighter simulators and F-18 Hornet simulators. I was as good at this as I was at Go Carting but good fun.

The Evening Pyro heart we dedicated to the Girls at Huawei stand. Then a memorable evening out at the Capital club one of the biggest buildings in Bahrain.
Day 3 unusually bad weather meant many teams did not fly but as it cleared late in the afternoon we closed the entire show with the Pyro show. Even operating with in the sunset plus 30 it was very dark when we finished with the overcast weather. We taxied in and blasted some smoke out to empty out tanks and then shut down.

Then we got straight to work after displaying preparing the planes for shipping cleaning them and inhibiting the engines.

The next morning we finished packing our container and also helped John Romain’s Crew dismantle the two-seat Spitfire. Then off for a rematch at go cart circuit before dinner with the other UK teams before we departed for the UK.

Thank you to Bahrain CAA and Farnborough International for inviting us to participate and the show. Huawei for sponsoring us and looking after us so well and the other teams who made it such a fun event. But finally many Thanks to Guy and Karl for making it so easy and fun.

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