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Having completed our mission to Turkmenistan on Friday, I was busy working on both aircraft over the weekend as we had an appointment with the biggest and best airshow organising company at Kemble on Monday. We demonstrated the Duo display and got valuable feed back from the customer’s point of view.

I would like to thank lots of people who helped us with our trip to Turkmenistan. Firstly UL Power – for various reasons we had to choose between the Aero Freidrichshafen and Turkmenistan as we were booked for both and at very short notice the Turkmenistan display was pulled forward. UL Power supported our  decision to go to Turkmenistan.  The Engines never missed a beat though we were forced to operate in some extreme conditions and I can honestly say I would not have done this trip with the old engine fitted!  I would also like to thank Funk Werk (and their UK representative John Delafield) for generously supplying us with 2 transponders which performed faultlessly. Also Silence Aircraft for producing such an amazing plane which never ceases to amaze me , during this trip we added a new application for the Twister – as a flying Tanker!

Individuals to thank include Nigel Lamb who insisted we borrow his life rafts – some times we spent 6 hours a day over water and having these gave us much peace of mind! Finally to Guy Westgate who did all the planning and logistics which was far more of a challenge than the flights themselves.  We did not have the correct props until 2 days before departure so were working in the dark and finding out many of the performance figures as we went along. It was like a military operation, just the right amount of fuel in the right place.

To sum up the trip to quote Nigel Lamb “It wil be an adventure and how ever much you charge it won’t be enough”

Thanks to every one above but most importantly probably Dee and Sally for letting us go.  (as if we had a choice! D & S)

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